Superior to face-to-face

    We are always on the brink of a global change - the world is a dynamic place, driven by new inventions and thus changing behaviors. By developing solutions for enhanced communication we are delivering real value and enabling new options of behavior – like enhanced collaboration in distributed teams and global staffing. We believe, that the decision in which projects we work should not depend on our location we are currently living at, but on our knowledge-base, on our skills, on our personal interests and thus on our commitment to the vision of a certain project. Advanced project management, project collaboration & communication is based on people in the first place – only with a highly motivated team we can receive optimal results and gain profit from a win-win-situation. Delivering better solutions for achieving this goal is our mission – Superior to face-to-face is our vision.

About Us, About the Project

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In order to achieve maximum impact and global spreading, we decided to make the application as free and open as possible. In most cases this means: all code is made available under the MIT license and open-source. Our goal is to enabling the people to communicate better - what means: more secure, more efficient & with more clarity and thus with more efficacy.
We are not bound to a specific technology, we are open-minded and we belief into the steady change. One of our current, just started projects is a client-server solution, with LAMP, SQLite (with SQLCipher), HTML5 and Android.
However, if you feel motivated in joining us, are already an expert in your field (or want to become one) and you do have some crazy ideas how make the application even better - like setting it up as a file-sharing, Tor-network-using, with steganography capabilities enabled, pollution-multiplexer encrypted stealth-messenger**: do not hesitate, join us!

** the pollution-principle follows the methodology of transmitting a lot of heavily encrypted and via steganography hidden trash-data-packets for polluting the data-bases of whom it not concerns...

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Some Insights

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    Some mock-up designs for making them available on the Android Smart-phone are only made as a conceptual design on paper yet...
... if you feel motivated in creating an appropriate GUI: go ahead, make one, show us!

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